Maître de Conférences

Welcome to my webpage.

I work as maître de conférences at Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne, Université de Bourgogne in the mathematical physics group.

From January 2018, I am the scientific coordinator of the ANR project DYRAQ ANR-17-CE40-0016-01

Research topics

Nonlinear PDEs and Variational Methods, Mathematical and Numerical Methods in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and in Relativistic Mean-Field Theory of Atomic Nuclei, PDEs in General Relativity, Renormalized Energy in Ginzburg-Landau Model and in Coulomb systems, PDEs in nonlinear optics.

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Doctoral Position
Doctoral Fellowship on Effective Equations in Relativistic quantum mechanics

A 3-year doctoral fellowship is available in Dijon. Further information here. Deadline May 7th, 2021.